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Kadu & Larissa’s Online Courses are for various levels including absolute beginner, intermediate-level and advanced-level dancers.

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Brazilian Latin dance professionals Kadu Pires and Larissa Thayane got settled in Australia in 2007. They spend up to half of each year travelling – teaching, performing, choreographing and judging at the world’s most important Latin dance events and competitions.

Kadu & Larissa have been instrumental in boosting the popularity of Brazilian zouk and samba de gafieira internationally. Their credits include competition wins and television appearances in Brazil and in Australia, including choreography for So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

As Latin dance trend setters, Kadu & Larissa are sculpting and moulding moves reproduced on dance floors and stages everywhere.

During his 20-year dance career, Kadu built a reputation as one of the best young dancers in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before being recognised as a samba de gafieira and samba no pe dancer and instructor of reference for Brazil’s new dance generation. He has worked as a dancer, instructor and choreographer for high profile dance companies in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, including the Jimmy de Oliveira Dance Academy and Company and the Alex de Carvalho Dance Academy and Company.

Larissa is trained in all styles of dance. She has worked as a professional ballet and contemporary dancer for the Youth Theatre Company of Rio de Janeiro, travelling and performing throughout Brazil and the United States before studying Latin dance. Her career highlights include performing at The Kennedy Centre in Washington with the American Symphony Orchestra. In 2005, she started her studies in Latin dance and joined Jimmy de Oliveira’s samba de gafieira company and Alex de Carvalho’s Latin dance company specialising in Brazilian zouk.

Kadu & Larissa’s Online Courses are for various levels including absolute beginner, intermediate-level and advanced-level dancers.

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