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If you’re not able to find a Latin dance school or instructor nearby or can’t go to a dance class on a regular basis then Dance With Me India is listing below online courses.

Watch and learn dance online by yourself or with friends from wherever you are!

If you go to dance schools, clubs or socials then grow faster with the online courses!

1.5 hrs. Video Essential Skills & Secrets for FANTASTIC Partner Dancing udemy course

Online Brazilian Zouk and Samba de Gafieira courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students by Kadu & Larissa page (contact for exclusive discount)

Online Zouk Samba de Gafieira Dance Courses - K&L Dance - Dance With Me India

Online Salsa courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students including on Salsa timing and musicality by My Salsa Online – Joel Salsa New York page (exclusive discount of 20%)

Online Salsa Dance Courses - Joel Salsa NY - Dance With Me India - 1

Fashion Sportswear for Dance & Fitness