The pandemic has ended up making lives more stressful than it was earlier. Adding to this is the work-from-home routine that doesn’t let people indulge in social activities. It is crucial to make people come out of the stress bubble and resume their non-worrying attitude.

Be Stress Free - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

There are several medications available to relieve stress and depression, but, Dance is the simplest way to make yourself happy. It’s a sport that combines grace and strength to create moving art. Think of your childhood days when just hearing the word ‘dance period’ in between that boring class brought a stupid smile to your face. It’s hard not to be happy while grooving. It happens when you dip it low, pick it up slow, roll it around, poke it out and let your back go.

Be Happy - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

Dance is a form of expression that involves movement of the body following a rhythm, performed in different cultures. But have you ever thought about where did this art originate? As per Hindu Mythology, this art form came from Lord Brahma, who inspired Bharata Muni to write a Natya Shastra from which a codified practice of this moving art came.

Hindu Mythology - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

Since the past times, Dance has always been a symbol of celebration that brings a lot of excitement. This kind of self-expression and recreation not only helps to restore mental peace but also helps in physical well-being.

There are several health benefits associated with dancing:

  • Keeping Cardiovascular Diseases at Bay

The most common reason which leads to the death of many in the present time is a heart attack. Many people are diagnosed with this at a very young age too. This shows how stressed our heart is due to the pandemic. Performing dance can be a good activity for those at risk of cardiovascular diseases. It is seen that those who have adopted dancing have improved their heart health, losing a few kilos, breathing, and quality of life.

Cardiovascular Heart Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

  • Helps In Losing Weight

Aerobic dance training can be a good way to shape up and be slimmer along with strength training.

Lose Weight and Fat - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

  • Ensures Body Balance

As you grow older, you get nervous about falling. Leave those worries as dancing can help to retain stability and improve balance in aging adults.

Improve Body Balance and Movement - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

  • Improves Energy Levels

According to research published in Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, dancing weekly can increase energy levels and improve physical performance in adults.

Improve Energy Levels - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

  • Improves Flexibility

Dance is also helpful in improving flexibility that eases joint pains and post-exercise soreness.

Improve Flexibility - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

  • Social Interaction

The pandemic has made lesser interaction and lives in a single room. Joining a dance class will help in maintaining positive relationships, increased happiness, reduced stress levels, and a stronger immune system.

Grow Social Interaction and Enhance Mental Health - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

  • Reduces Depression

A great way to reduce depression and anxiety issues is to get off the couch and groove. It can help to lift your spirits and come out of mental illness.

Reduce Depression - Health Benefits of Dancing - Dance With Me India

This global pandemic is an opportunity to hone your dance skills as well as to destress yourself online while staying at home. Just go and join a dance class and you will see the change. So Worry Less! Dance More!

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