Kizomba Classes Online

Learn Kizomba online from beginner to advanced levels from two of the best teachers in the world.

Kristofer Mencák has been to 60+ countries to teach Kizomba. Kristofer has created the Kizomba Classes platform and teaches all online classes with the kizomba / urban kiz superstar Mickaela Jalkteg.

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Kizomba – Beginner – Level 1

For the beginner in kizomba, if you have danced a bit or if you want to repeat the basics with experienced teachers. All basic rules for leading & following, basic steps, fundamental steps and some more technical + musicality. – Taught by Kristofer & Mickaela

Kizomba – Beginner – Level 2

For you if you have danced for a while, taken a beginner course and want to take the next step – improve your leading and following, musicality, play with new variations and more. – Taught by Kristofer & Mickaela

Kizomba – Beginner – Level 3

This is for you if you have danced kizomba a bit longer and want to start playing with different techniques from kizomba fusion, such as slides, pivots, blocks and unsynchronised steps. We also play more with the musicality. – Taught by Kristofer & Mickaela

Kizomba – Beginner – Level 4

NOTE: SOME CONTENT WILL BE ADDED SOON! For the advanced dancer who wants to get really good technique and combine moves that require several different techniques at the same time. We also take the next step in musicality. – Taught by Kristofer & Mickaela

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Kizomba – Beginner + Improver

This is the kizomba bundle – you get two courses (beginner + improver) bundled for a better price. Save 20 € and get them together!

Kizomba Fusion – Intermediate + Advanced

This is the kizomba fusion bundle. You get two courses (intermediate + advanced) bundled for a better price.

THE MANIAC – All kizomba & kizomba fusion courses

All in one bundle! Kizomba and kizomba fusion. You get four courses (beginner, improver, intermediate & advanced) bundled for a better price.

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