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If you want thousands of potential clients to see your brand, products and services in a year then you should definitely read below.

Our services include website design, graphic design, content writing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, Facebook promotions, Google Ads, gifting, printing, video production, photography, event management and overall marketing services to grow your work.

The dance industry is growing in India, however, it can also be very competitive. People need to know well about you and/or your team, facilities, products, services, courses and events.

If you need a very quick response on how to grow your dance work / business in India then Whatsapp me, Shakti Saran, on +91-9560602607 about your requirements. My services are very reasonably priced for the significant returns you will get.

I’ve created and grown a variety of my own websites over the years. My Dance With Me India .in, Health and Fitness India .in .com, Fashion Designers, Spas and Salons India .com, Boring Plate .com (very new), Body Wizards .com (for auto-mobiles), Career, Umbra Security .com and my other sites, groups and pages can most likely bring high value to your marketing.

I have large and growing health, fitness, beauty and fashion related groups and pages and they can contribute high value to your marketing. For example, see this health and fitness group (30K+) and this fashion group (15K+). I also have other groups with thousands of members and posts and growing fast.

I have a large beauty, hairstyle, make-up, massage & model page growing with thousands of likes and views.

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We know that social + search + site adds to sales. There can be a lot of ways to sell more and grow. You might not have the time and/or know-how to do everything yourself.

When you want to reach specific audience like for your dance products, services, courses and events then the power of Google and Facebook are unparalleled in their own ways.

My experience in website design, graphic design, content writing and online marketing can be of high value to your work. You can contact me about how I can combine Google, Facebook and my services for you.

You should use best-quality and affordable apps to manage and grow your work. Get started now with a FREE TRIAL of Google Apps which comes with many powerful features for individual professionals, start-ups and small, medium and large businesses.

Dance With Me India brings to you an EXCLUSIVE 20% discount coupon on your 1st year fees of Google Apps. You can contact me (email or WhatsApp for fast response) to receive the discount coupon.

I’ve been using Google Apps for several years for my different work and hence I recommend you the same.

Google Apps for Work - Dance Schools Studios Courses Events Businesses Professionals IndiaBest Wishes,

Shakti Saran

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