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Sunday 24th January 2016, Summer House Cafe, Aurbindo Market, Hauz Khas, New Delhi Get your Denims out this Sunday for a Jamming session with Sankar Das on Bongo and Kaytee on the Console. See the details on https://www.facebook.com/events/112965329073237/

DanceWithMe.In is a very new site and under active development to help people find schools, instructors, partners, socials, events and more…

If you know of any social dancing events in India like at pubs then please share with me and it’ll be listed here. Pubs that host social dancing events on a regular basis can contact me to get listed with their own special page on the site with their details and any offers.

DanceWithMe.In has lots of videos and many people will see the listings. Contact me at Shakti Saran LinkedIn Google+ Facebook Twitter

Special Update: 30th January (today) was my friend’s birthday. After dropping her and while driving to the Latin Social, I asked around for an ATM and found it and when I took out cash, one note has 726 in it and my birthday is 26th July and few hours after that the President of the nice pub shared his personal number with me which has 726 in it. I look forward to Dance With Me India to keep growing in value for dancers, instructors and schools.

Dance With Me India 726

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