Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

Muxima Kizomba Festival II, 2019

After the successful first edition of Muxima kizomba festival, Kizomba Dsantos India is set for the 2nd edition happening in May 2019.

First edition was bomb, 2nd edition is gonna be Atom Bomb because the Artist line up gonna be 😸👲💣💥🔥

The first of its kind ,100% kizomba festival in India organize by Navi Gaur and team Kizomba Dsantos India. So book your calendar as you don’t want to miss this epic week with lots of kizomba ,semba ,Afro.


HOTEL BOOKINGS are still open Online / Offline, Get in touch with us for any question .

✅ Manuel Dos Santos AKA Dr Kizomba – Kizoma Canada/ Angola (For the very FIRST time in India /Asia) 🇦🇴🇨🇦 Details
✅ Flavie Merise – Kizomba Canada / Haiti (For the FIRST time in India/Asia) 🇭🇹🇨🇦 Details
✅ Eliza Sala – Angola / NL ( Dança Sala 😊 ) 🇦🇴🇳🇱 Detail
✅ Dino da Cruz – Angola/Holland (for the very FIRST time in India/Asia) 🇦🇴🇳🇱 Detail
✅ Stone’s Rock & Sabine (Germany) 🇩🇪 – For the very FIRST time in India/Asia Detail
✅ Zé Casimiro Branco (Aus/Mozambique) 🇦🇺 Detail
✅ Chloe Park (Singapore) 🇸🇬
✅ Alice Lee (Singapore) 🇸🇬 Detail
✅ Natty Nat (Natalie- Russia) 🇷🇺 Detail
✅ Mithesh & Etishree Raut (Hyderabad,India) – Alma Bailando 🇮🇳 Detail
✅ Suraj Verma (New Delhi,India)- Lead & Follow India 🇮🇳 Detail
✅ Elvis & Namrata Wittke (Mumbai, India)- Rare Grooves Dance Company 🇮🇳 Detail
✅ Vineeth Naidu & Tina Johnson (Bangalore, India) – Vin’s Dance Co 🇮🇳 Detail
✅ Amrita aka Amy (Chennai, India)- Amyteurs 🇮🇳 Detail
✅ Deepak & Aaka (New Delhi, India)/ (Tokyo, Japan) – Kizomba India 🇮🇳 🇯🇵
✅ Gautam Sharma (Punjab, India) 🇮🇳

✅ DJ AL Alice Lee (Singapore) 🇸🇬
✅ DJ Vans aka Delcio De Sousa (Angola) 🇦🇴
✅ DJ  (Australia) 🇦🇺
✅ DJ Vineeth aka VINS (Bangalore, India)🇮🇳
✅ DJ Elvis (Mumbai, India)🇮🇳
✅ DJ Jay (Delhi, India)🇮🇳
✅ DJ Neel (Delhi, India) 🇮🇳
✅ DJ Navi (Delhi, India) 🇮🇳

🔶 4 Nights party (2 Rooms- For Kizomba & Semba , Urban-kiz & dedicated hour for Salsa, Bachata)
🔶 3 Days workshop 30+ hours
🔶 10 International Artists (Confirmed)
🔶 11 National Artists (Confirmed)
🔶 8 International & National DJs (confirmed)
🔶 Special Afrohouse/kuduro Bootcamp (3 Hours)- By Manuel & Flavie
🔶 Special Lady styling ginga Bootcamp (3 Hours)- By Eliza Sala
🔶 One Pool Party ( Sunday- 19th May)
🔶 International & National showcases
🔶 More to add on list…

Get your pass booked ASAP if you do not want to miss the best event of the year .
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You can contact our Supporter/Respective Dance school for more info about festival & pass :
Tarun Karanwal Delhi/NCR
Tara Prasad -Gurgaon
Ravi Rastogi – New Delhi
Gracia Ruby – Asia
Pankaj Thakur – Chandigarh
Gaurav Aggarwal & Yana – New Delhi
Anuj Zouk – New Delhi
Varun D S Rana – Chandigarh
Vipin Bhardwaj – Gurgaon
Mary Lobo – Mumbai
Pratik Shinde – Mumbai
Vinoth Narayanasamy VKiz – Chennai
Zeeshan Rang – Chandigarh, Punjab
Anjali Kukreja – Pune
Anika Elena – Austria
Peter Kovari – Austria/Hungary
Margherita Palomba – Italy
Delhi Dance Academy – Aditya Sarmah
Rhythm & Samruddhi (

Supporting School :
Kizomba India
Salsa India – The Home of Salsa In India
La Euphoria Dance Company
Moving Souls Entertainment Pvt. Ltd
Mundo Latino in India
Nitro Performing Arts
Sourabh Soni’s Studio Raas(DANCE)
India’s LATIN Salsa Academy
Delhi Dance Academy
Thank God For Dance
Delhi Salsa Club
Rare Grooves Dance Company
Vin’s Dance Co
Alma Bailando
Lead & Follow India
Club Salsa International & ISKBF Chandigarh
La Baila Vista
Groove You Dance Studio
Latin Twist’ by Mary & Derek
Kizomba & Semba Malaysia, Asia & Australasia
Darwin Kizomba Fever

more to be add..

whatsapp/call 📞📱📩@ 85270936209716565626

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P.S. Tickets are not refundable but you can transfer them to anyone till 15th of May, 2019 without any charges 🙂
So a win win situation! What are you waiting for?

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