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It’s not everyday that the world’s 8-Times best dancer decides to have a tour in India across four big cities. It’s not an easy task.

But that’s what the man who brought to you the India International Dance Congress (IIDC), has made this possible for you.

John Anthony in association with Performza, announces a two-day boot camp and performance by none other than Oliver Pineda in Mumbai as part of a four-city tour.

Details as follows:

Bootcamp 1: KIZOMBA (Beginners & Improvers)

Duration: 6 hours (3 hours each day)

Syllabus: Basic Technique, Fundamentals of Kizomba, Combinations & Variations.

29th Feb Monday : 6 to 9 pm

1st Mar Tuesday : 3 to 6 pm

Bootcamp 2: SALSA (Intermediate, Advanced & Trainers)

Duration: 6 hours (3 hours on each day)

Syllabus: Body Isolation, Turn Patterns, Timing, Advance Shines, Musicality

29th Feb Monday : 9.30pm to 12.30am

1st Mar Tuesday : 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue: La Ruche

Early Bird Price till 31st Jan, 2016:

Rs.5500 per person per Bootcamp

Rs.9500 per person for 2 Bootcamps

Price from 1st Feb, 2016:

Rs.6000 per person per Bootcamp

Rs.10500 per person for 2 Bootcamps

Pls NOTE: (Price Includes Bootcamp, Salsa Night and Food on both the days at the venue)

On the 2nd day, Bootcamp will be followed by an Amazing Salsa Night in Association with Haanssa Singh.

Date: 1st March, Tuesday, 2016

Time: 10pm onwards

Venue: La Ruche

The Night will feature a Special Performance by Oliver Pineda.

Register Now with Suman at 7506009938 or Get in Touch with any of Our School Partners :

Furor Ahmedabad – Jayveer : 9900897520

DSS – Nakul : 9820046295

RGDC – Namrata : 9619187274

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Many of you have requested to us that the timing for the Oliver Pineda Bootcamp is not convenient. So we decided to allow DROP INs. You can now attend any of the Bootcamps without prior registration at Rs 1,000 per hour.


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