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Venue  Anti Social Khar West

Entry  INR 300 only

Date & Time  Tuesday, 5th July 2016 from 9 PM to 1 AM

Organizer  The Dance Design School , Sahiba Sawhney Instructor

Learn Social Dancing was started a year ago when we wanted to help everyone fall in love with everything LATIN. It is a dance, it is an art form, it is the music, it is a life style, it is the essence of Cuba and Puerto Rico.

It has been an amazing year of teaching, breaking barriers and educating people. In a gesture to celebrate our birthday as well as thank our community for being so amazing we have brought this special treat

LIVE SALSA music with Make The Scene House Band + DJ Vrajesh and DJ DIgvijay

This amazing 10 piece band that has been specifically curated for this event will be playing a set of amazing Latin tunes to get your body swaying and help you connect to the roots of the genre.

We know how much you love dancing and to ensure we do not compromise on your dancing shoes, we are going to be installing a dance floor! Now there really is no excuse to not move those happy happy feet 🙂

* Photo op walls * a solid dance floor * amazing music * beautiful venue * beers at 120! * sexy / super-hot dancers….


Look forward to celebrating with you all!

Team Dance Design

Call @  +91-9820068961

Email  dancedesignindia@gmail.com

Dance With Me India is the marketing partner of this event

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