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Address New Delhi & Gurgaon

Every Sunday 5:30 PM onward at Saraswati Music College, A-1/226, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi ( Kizomba All levels, Semba All levels and Afro-House )

Every Thursday 8 PM onward at La Euphoria Dance Company, House No. 236, Basement, Sector 27, Near Vita Dairy, Gurgaon

Styles Kizomba, Semba, Afro-House

Services Class, Choreography, Workshop

Call @ +91-8527093620

“Kizomba D’Santos India” – A dance institute of Afro Connection led by Manuel Dos Santos (Kizomba Canada – an international dance organization which includes Dsantos Dance CA, Dsantos Dance UK, Dsantos Dance VT, Dsantos Dance NC, and Kizomba Canada (Montreal)).

About Director:

Navi Gaur, the owner of Kizomba Dsantos India has been dancing more than 4 years and teaching since 2016 based at New Delhi. Kizomba, Semba is a dance from Angola where main focus is on strong basics, postures, the way of connection & frame. These are the essential things when you start dancing as couple and Kizomba is the way of expression, feelings and hug to your partner.

In Navi’s words: I like to dance since childhood, never gone for training but always love to learn watching great dancers in Bollywood. It was early 2015 when I got introduced to Kizomba, Salsa & Bachata in Sweden by my colleague. After 2 months training and classes, I came back and started learning all three dances but there was lack of knowledge for Kizomba. I kept researching about music and history and it became my passion.

I attended so many festivals and workshops with international and local artists during my long trip to Canada in 2015 and then one day I got introduced to Manuel Dos Santos aka Dr. Kizomba & Flavie and that was the turning point for me to enhance and understand the meaning of Kizomba. I spent almost one year with Manual & Flavie, and went through the teacher training course during my second visit.

On 1st December 2016, we officially launched our school in New Delhi and since then we keep pushing our students to grow and we keep putting our efforts to make Kizomba a better scene in India & Asia. Learning never stops and I never miss the chance to learn; our Teacher keeps us engaged even at distance. Still a lot to learn and share the knowledge what I have with all interested people.

We are the first dance school in India who held a 100% Kizomba festival in 2018 with more than 6 International and 6 National artists. And our second edition of “Muxima Kizomba festival” is on the way from 16 to 19 May 2019.

We do our monthly only Kizomba night at Raasta Delhi as “A Noite Muxima” and also other Kizomba nights at many places since one year.

“Time, dedication, patience & practice is the key to success in any field”

kizomba hug.

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