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Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio (LVDS), Bangalore, India

Styles  Bachata, Salsa, Jive

Call @  +91-9845239123

Email  info@lvds.in


Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio (LVDS) : Bangalore


Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio, Indian Society for Performers and Teachers of Dance, Karnataka Dance Sport Association


India’s best Dance Academy serving the Indian community for over 19 years.
India’s premier dance academy, spreading the joys of dance since 1998


Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio was started by Lourd Vijay in 1997. Channelling the experience and spirit of his own career as well as that of a passionate team of vibrant and highly skilled youngsters through this studio, Lourd Vijay has revolutionized Indian-western dance over and over again in India – most notably, by introducing Salsa in 1997.

LVDS hosts the INDIA INTERNATIONAL SALSA CONGRESS, the single largest salsa festival in ASIA and also the Chennai, Delhi and Goa salsa Festival. On the anvil are the Latin & Mediteranean Dance Festival and the Salsa world Cup.


-Guinness World Record for the maximum no. of Swing Dance flips in a minute.
-Ambassador of the Hong Kong Salsa Festival
-Head Judge of the Asia Pacific Salsa Open championship
-Finalists of India’s Got Talent & Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch bhi Karega

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