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Address P-19, Sector-12, Noida (Delhi NCR), Uttar Pradesh

Styles Bachata, Bollywood, Contemporary, Freestyle, Hip Hop, Jazz, Kathak, Salsa

Other Classes Art & Craft (Drawing, Painting, Paper Collage, Paper Folding), Musical Instruments (Dholak, Drums, Guitar, Harmonium, Keyboard, Tabla), Vocal Singing

Call @ 9015034746

Website @ www.ishaancollege.com (Designed by Dance With Me India)

Ishaan College in Noida offers courses in guitar, keyboard, tabla, drums, dholak, harmonium, western dance, freestyle, jazz, hip hop, latin dance, salsa, bachata, classical dance, kathak, vocal music, singing and art & craft. The lessons are accompanied by on-stage performance organised by Ishaan College every 3-4 months at our large and well-designed auditorium.

We have neat, clean, spacious and well-designed facilities and highly-qualified and experienced instructors for all the classes. We offer classes for age groups from little children to adults. Please browse our website to see the details of each class.

Please feel free to contact us for any details that you would like to have.

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