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Bellydance with Chaitali, Mumbai

Styles  Belly Dance

Classes  CK Raqs – Belly Dance Classes, Laasya – Belly Dance in Pregnancy with Chaitali, Bellyfit – Holistic group fitness workout

Call @  9029174414

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Chaitali Soparkar Kohli has been learning Belly Dance since 7 years. She has also trained and performed in dance forms like kathak, salsa and bollywood. But she found her passion in Belly Dance.

Mentored by Payal Gupta and done intensive workshops with master teachers like Leena Viie, Sonia Ochoa, Smita Kadam, Moria Chapell, alla Kuschnir, Didem Kinali, Tito Seif, she travels far and wide to train and update herself.

I feel dance is a never ending study and a journey where you never reach destinations. You just learn and grow with each class, with each performance.”

She has developed a programme in name of Belly Dance in Pregnancy – Dance your way to fitness, when she herself was pregnant. She believes it’s the most safest way to exercise when pregnant. One of first Indian women to come up with a special programme like this.

This is how Laasya – Belly dance in Pregnancy with Chaitali was born. Mother of two, she is passionately managed and assisted in Bwitches – International Bellydance Fusion Festival & also conducted Prenatal Belly Dance workshop.

Now she has introduced Bellyfit to Mumbai. A Holistic group workout system which allows all women, including the ones who wants to immediately get back to exercising.

Bellyfit is unique dance exercise which is specially designed for women & the class also has only WOMEN!!!

Join her & enjoy Belly Dance at any stage.

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