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Bhavin and Soonruta – Latin Dreamers, Pune, India

Styles Latin Dance, Latin Music, Salsa, Bachata

Call @ +91-9970916391

Email latin.bhavinsoonruta@gmail.com



Bhavin and Soonruta

Bhavin and Soonruta are professional Bachata and Salsa teachers and performers from Pune, India.


Started off in late 2011, Bhavin and Soonruta are one of the best Latin dance duos to come out of India.

Having been trained in a variety of dance styles such as Salsa, Mambo, Bachata traditional and modern, Chacha, Boogaloo, etc, we have gained popularity across national and international circuits as one of the most innovative and accomplished dancers, instructors & performers.

We have taught and performed all across India along with Berlin, Fujairah, Troyes, Paris, Romania etc.

Our classes and workshops are lively innovative and informative and our shows are known to be musically precise, smooth and fresh.

Together we try to promote authentic Latin dancing and social dancing in India and beyond.


All India Bachata Pro Champions 2013.
All India Bachata Pro 2nd runners up 2014.
All India Salsa Solo 2nd runners up 2014
All India Salsa Solo 1st runners up 2013
All India Salsa Solo 2nd runners up 2013

Personal Information

Bhavin Shukla is one of the youngest and most accomplished dancers of India. He is popular for his lively and innovative teaching techniques, smooth leads on the floor and sharp musical footwork.

Soonruta Kothadia is one of the best female dancers in India and is known for her fluidity and grace on the floor. Having learnt Indian Classical Dancing for 6 years, expansion into Latin dances wasn’t hard for her. Her effective and precise teaching techniques are loved by all.

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