Mumbai, India

They have their own school at Mumbai named as Rare Grooves Dance Company where they teach many Latin and other so many dance forms.
Sorry guys you have so much achievements in your bio that it will fill up all of our wall with it. We are proud of you and your passion for dance and winning so many trophies on National and International level.

Just to know you guys, Elvis & Namrata have started kizomba few years back when it was not even that famous in India. They traveled abroad every year to learn & compete.

They have gone for kizomba training under :

1. David Campos & Guida Rei Kizomba / Semba / Tarraxinha
2. Eddy Vents (Intensive workshop) Kizomba / Semba
3. Mestre Petchu
4. Bonifacio Aurio

and some regular workshops with other Artists.

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