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Hitesh heads The Salsawala School

My name is Hitesh H. Teckchandani and I am a Dance & Culture graduate from the University of Surrey. 

I encountered DANCE very early in my life. It was something that allowed me to be messy, crazy and all the things as child I would want to do but wasn’t permitted to. Instead of sucking my thumb I did the splits and that somehow in my head were the same thing. My weirdness and passion for dancing was slowly and surely accepted throughout my family and friends. I lost my stage virginity was when I was 9 years old. The setting was an intra-school competition – post which there was very little stopping me. 

To begin with I took up training in various dance styles like Street, Bollywood, Jazz and a hint of Ballet, post which in 2003-04 I was introduced to the beauty of Salsa dancing in Kolkata. One thing I remember starkly is the chemistry shared by the couple on the dance floor: their brilliant partnership fuelled my quench for further information on the dance style. 

Following this encounter I soon found myself in Mumbai, training very hard to master my skills in salsa. Burning the midnight oil for rehearsals fit into my timetable just like a glove fits a hand. 

My passion for learning continued at various Salsa weekenders hosted in India, Berlin, Athens, Malaysia, and Singapore etc. I soon found myself under the guidance of some of the most reputed and fantastic family of teachers in the world – Super Mario, Suzanna Montero, Neeraj Maskara, Eddie Torres, Juan Matos and Magna Gopal to name a few. 

Today here I am with 6 years of teaching experience in Salsa, Mambo, Street Cha Cha and Bachata. And that is how I became from being just Hitesh H. Teckchandani to Hitesh H. Teckchandani – THE SALSAWALA !!!

– dancing is dreaming with your feet !!!

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